STETONIC NIGERIA LIMITED is a professional  healthcare consultancy managed by a team of seasoned professionals and  innovative entrepreneurs in the heart of West Africa
The team was put together with the sole aim of equipping hospital personnel with the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes for the improvement of service delivery in the hospital industry
This is implemented through manpower development and training management retreats, workshops,  and training needs assessment

 We organize workshops, training, seminars and personal development initiatives facilitated by professional administrators, management experts, legal practitioners , medical personnel, psychologists and researchers

We also specialize in in-plant presentations, which afford us the opportunity of addressing the unique training needs of our clients organization

We are consultants to The Federal Government on capacity building  in The Public service
In 2008, we executed a project on the training needs assessment in both The Federal Ministry of Health and The Bayelsa State Public Service under The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) intervention project 

1.      Corporate Vision

To be a top class management/healthcare servicesconsultants outfit providing exceptional training in human resource management, organisational behaviour and operations management in the healthcare industry in Nigeria and beyond the shores of Nigeria.
2.                 Mission Statement

To promote high quality organisational performance and human resources service delivery, especially in the healthcare services providing institutions, through innovative and creative application of time-tested business management approaches in delivering high values and benefits to the ultimate consumers; and to encourage optimal utilisation of highly skilled and motivated manpower and other needed resources in achieving exceptional results in corporate management, especially, in healthcare services providing organisations.

3.                 Corporate Outlook

Stetonic Nigeria Limited was set up in response to the organisations’ yearnings for innovative managerial orientation for the achievement of effective administration, and management of corporate organisations, institutions, facilities and service efficiency based on accepted global practice.

A team of seasoned professionals and management consultants was put together to articulate workable solution to problems encountered in the workplace. These solutions would then be offered to institutions and practitioners through training, workshops, seminars and other forms of orientation.

The team aims, ultimately, at being one of the foremost consultancy outfits that offer exceptional training and orientation to corporate organisations, and workshopsthat address the administrative and managerial problems in the workplace within and outside the country.

Greater attentions are paid to, and emphasis laid on such parameters as:

·  Management Efficiency
·  Service Efficiency
·    Employees’ Skills, Knowledge and Attitude
·   Customers/Client Oriented Management
The above can only be achieved through the adoption of time-tested business management approach in the service delivery areas - which the outfit identifies with.

4.      Corporate Purpose

   The organisation was set up mainly for the following:

·  To evaluate through research, work-study and experimental review, the gap between organisational expectations in service delivery and the current offerings by service providers.
·        To design strategies for more effective delivery to meet and even surpass the desired expectations.
·        To give orientation and guidance to service providers towards continuously improved service delivery.

The benefits derivable from our services shall include:

·         Improved managerial effectiveness
·         Improved employees motivation
·         Increased and substantially improved efficiency in service delivery
·         Increased customer satisfaction at all times
·         Cost effective services

5.   Corporate Value

Clients’ satisfaction through application of time-tested organizational behaviour theories, practical team spirit and team work among our members, and immediate feedback from our clients.

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